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The Shinsoo Empire is located in the southern part of the continent. The people who live here are engaged in commerce.

Under the leadership of Yoon-Yoing, trade relations in East Shinsoo quickly led to present-day prosperity following the collapse of China. empire. However, the inhabitants are in a constant struggle with the westerners and as a result the trade route has come to a halt. Realizing the threat of the Metin stones, the merchants took up arms.

Their goal is to stop the attacks from the west, reopen the Ujbol trade route and unite the entire nation. empire under their control.


The Chunjo Empire is located in the western part of the continent. The Theocratic state is ruled by spiritual leaders.

It is founded by Yoon-Young, the nephew of the former emperor. Yoon's wife, who had great magic power, supported her husband, who learned early about the threat of the Metin stone. Yoon-Young repeatedly suggested countermeasures, but these were ignored. Therefore, he still led his followers in an uprising against the unified empire. After the fall of the empire, Chinjo is still at open disagreement with the East and a constant war with the South. End the growing power of the text stone.


The Jinno Empire is located in the eastern part of the continent. The empire is based on military power that controls the aggressive, warlike inhabitants.

Jinno is ruled by Ee-Ryoong, the last emperor's blood son.

The military at his command. he feels called to re-establish the old empire with the help of power.

Fears stemming from the importance and influence of the Metin stones in the Jinno Empire were not formally acknowledged. However, Ee-Ryoong secretly tries to use the destructive power of the Metin stones for his own military purposes.





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